What is the Butekyo Breathing technique?

The Buteyko breathing method, named after it's founder Professor Konstantin Buteyko (1923-2003), is an effective approach to the maintenance of good health and the management of disease with minimal use of drugs.

Faulty breathing causes a chemical imbalance in the body which leads to many different forms of chronic illness. Effective recovery occurs when the sufferer addresses the chemical imbalance, caused by faulty breathing. By re-learning how to breathe properly you reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms for life – provided you regularly practice the breathing techniques and integrate them into your daily lifestyle.  

It’s founder, Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered back in the 1950's that faulty breathing habits such as over breathing (hyperventilation) upset the body’s chemistry, causing disharmony and ill health and were one of the root causes of many chronic illnesses.  After making this discovery Professor Konstantin Buteyko devoted his working life to research and devising a method of overcoming its effects.  The Buteyko Breathing Method. 

1980 Bytekyo’s work was recognised in Russia (his home country) and the Ministry of Health awarded him his first endorsement. The Buteyko Breathing Method was accepted as a front line management strategy for Asthma, in Russia.

Why hasn’t my GP told me about this?

Despite the Butekyo Method being endorsed by the British Thoracic Society and included in SIGN Guidelines, GP’s due to time restraints, tend to follow the therapeutic route as the preferred option.  There is a gradual change in thinking as the Butekyo Method is proving so effective.

Can the Butekyo Technique be used for children?

Yes. The Butekyo technique can be taught to children with conditions such as Asthma from as young as 4 years old.

What evidence is there that it works?

The success of the method is supported by scientific data gathered from clinical trials by Professor Buteyko in Russia.  More recently trials have been carried out in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada. 


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