Breathing classes for Asthma

Learn Butekyo Breathing Techniques and immediately reduce asthma symptoms

The symptoms of an asthma attack can be very distressing and frightening for the sufferer and their carer.  Common Asthma symptoms include:

  • Coughing & Wheezing
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Feeling of extreme air shortage

The cause is acute inflammation of the airways which leads to bronchospasm and mucus production which effectively close the airways.  The sufferer is no longer able to exhale air or inhale a fresh supply. Between attacks the breathing appears quite normal, then panic quickly sets in which exacerbates the problem.  The distress is real and frightening.

Whether your condition is mild, with few symptoms or severe where the quality of life is severely restricted, we can help.

What does an Asthma Butekyo breathing course involve?

The Breathing Centre Butekyo asthma breathing course consists of:

  • 5 sessions
  • 1-2 hours per session
  • over a 2 week period

You will learn:

  • Specialised asthma breathing exercises
  • How to cope with asthma symptoms
  • Diet & sleeping tips
  • How to use your medication correctly

To get the maximum benefit it is important that the exercises be practised three times daily whilst keeping a record of progress.

Both the breathing exercises for your asthma and lifestyle changes recommended are designed to cause minimum disruption to daily life and maximise the improvement in your asthma symptoms.

Are the results permanent?

There will be a reduction in symptoms within a short period.  Once a control pause of 40 seconds is reached there will be no more symptoms.  If, on occasions, mild symptoms are experienced they are quickly reversed, by applying the exercises learned.


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