Format: 5 sessions over 2 months - Total Cost: £300

What happens before during and after a Buteyko breathing courses?

Each session is carefully structured to gently re-train you to breathe more effectively and make you aware of how aspects such as correct posture affect your ability to breathe - and therefore your health.   We commit to taking time to get to know you, and giving you as much personal attention as you need to help you achieve your personal health goals.  In order for our courses to work, you need to commit to practicing the breathing exercises we give you between sessions and after the course. 

Session 1 – Telephone Consultation

During this session we will discuss your symptoms or situation, and explain the basics of the Butekyo breathing method.  You will then be given some simple but important breathing exercises to prepare you for the course.

Session 2:

  • Brief overview of Professor Buteyko’s breathing method and recent clinical trials.  
  • You set your personal goal, for example climbing the stairs without getting breathless, so that we can monitor your progress. 
  • Learn the main Buteyko exercises, your Butekyo practitioner will then personalise them for you
  • Learn how to observe your own breathing pattern and maintain correct posture.  
  • Learn how to integrate your new way of breathing into your daily life.
  • Practise your own personal exercises to ensure you are 100% sure of what you are doing.  
  • Homework is given, ie practicing your personalised breathing exercises that you need to do on your own before the next session.

Session 3:  

  • We assess your progress to ensure you are practising correctly. 
  • Learn about respiration, how to tell the difference between normal breathing & chronic hidden hyperventilation.
  • Practise and refine your personalised Butekyo breathing exercises. 
  • Learn to recognise the early signs of hyperventilation and asthma, the difference between the two, and how to overcome attacks. 
  • Learn about the impact food, drink, sleep and exercise has on the breathing. 
  • Homework exercises.

Session 4: 

  • Review of progress to ensure you are practising correctly. 
  • Brief overview of medication and how to use the minimum for maximum effect.
  • Learn how to integrate the core breathing techniques into daily life,socialising, eating out, work, school, etc. 
  • Learn how to manage colds, flu and other illnesses and practical approaches to changing lifestyle habits to improve your health. 
  • Homework given.

Session 5:   Feedback session. 

  • Recap and practice the core exercises
  • Cover the subject of exercise and how far to push yourself.
  • Question and answer session.

1 month Follow-up Programme – strongly recommended!

We encourage you to attend follow up sessions with us after the course and to attend further courses, FREE of charge to consolidate your progress and as a reminder about what you have learned. 



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