Meet our experienced Butekyo breathing practitioners

Here at The Breathing Centre in Scotland our highly trained Butekyo practitioners hold breathing courses in high quality clinics in locations all over central Scotland.  During these classes our practitioners teach each delegate a combination of relaxation techniques and the amazing Butekyo nose breathing exercises to enable participants take control over their own health by learning how to control symptoms as they arise through breathing techniques and strategies of overcoming the distressing symptoms.

The Breathing Centre is run by chartered physiotherapist Libby Davis.  Libby is certified in the Butekyo technique, with many years’ experience in her field.  Here are her reasons for becoming a Butekyo practitioner.

Libby Davies MCSP, MBBA:

Libby Davies‘Working as a Respiratory Physiotherapist and being a mum to a severely asthmatic daughter led me to research breathlessness.  This is how I came across Professor Butekyo’s work.  Impressed with the results of the clinical trials – I decided to train as a Butekyo Practicioner. 
PS: My daughter is now on minimum medication and takes part in triathlons!’ 






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