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Dear Libby,

I asked my dad to go onto one of your breathing courses because of a recommendation by Rhodd Grubb during a BNI meeting.  The reason - my dad had been suffering from sleep apnoea for over 6 years and was thoroughly fed up sleeping with a face mask on.

We didn’t know what to expect, and when Una first spoke to him and described the format - it would be it is fair to say that he was more than a little bit sceptical it would work.

However, after 2 sessions with Una, plus carrying out the exercises learned during the classes that must be practised religiously home, my dad stopped wearing the mask and has never put it on again since.  He now sleeps soundly at night without the mask and with no residual problems or symptoms such as sneezing fits and receding gums due to a very dry mouth which occurred purely because of wearing the mask.

Quote from dad…‘It’s nice to be able to go to bed and sleep like everyone else as I had forgotten what that felt like.   I would wholly recommend the course to anyone who has sleep apnoea.”

Anne Hay, 57, Edinburgh

Since practising the Buteyko Method I've notice more stamina and much less fatigue, and have only used my reliever inhaler once since I started it two months ago. It's been great to have a benchmark (the Control Pause) of how good my breathing is, so that I can take action in the early stages of asthma, and this has enabled me to gradually increase my tolerance of physical exercise at a level I can manage. The Control Pause also gives me swift feedback on what helps and what exacerbates asthma, so again I feel much more in control. It takes self-discipline and perseverance to put it all into practice, but it has been well worth the effort.

Lynn from Edinburgh (one month after taking the course)

I just had to tell you that I managed to 100 steps tonight and my control pause is now 35.  I am so delighted and feel great.

I am continuing with my running too and am noticing a big improvement in recovery rate.

Alex from Perth

When I first decided to go to Una and try Buteyko my health was not good, I was taking asthma attacks, wheezing all the time , at the doctors for the nebulisers and being admitted to hospital overnight.  Taking my ventolin inhaler roughly 10 to 12 puffs a day, bad headaches, heart racing, peak flow down to 450ish, should be 620 and not really going out in cold weather.  The last straw was when I stated a new job and I only lasted 3 days in it because I took an asthma attack and didn’t feel well.

It is now 6 months down the line and NO Ventolin inhaler, No Uniphyllin tablets, and shortly I can reduce and come off my Singulair tablet.  I still take my Qvar inhaler morning and night.  My GP is being kept in the loop about everything that is going on and she says it’s amazing the improvement in my health.

Hazel, Shetland (3 months after the course)

I became asthmatic after a hip operation and spent 6 years in absolute misery, my life almost ground to a halt until a friend recommended The Buteyko Course.  Since taking the course, and, most importantly, keeping up the breathing exercises, I have taken on a new lease of life, I can now go or walks, go to the gym and have even managed to go dancing.


Testimonial from Mother of a young boy who learned and practised the method.

Our son was only 6 years old (now aged 9) when he was diagnosed as having a “mild case of Asthma”, however, after a couple of months , his condition worsened and his asthma became chronic.  Even the colour of his skin changed, he was tired and looked ghastly.

Every 2 hours, he was gasping for air, he was fighting for his sweet and precious little life.  Just imagine how that must have felt for him, I know he was scared.  At that time we often monitored his “Peak Flow”. It was horrendous for a parent to watch, not knowing if that was going to be his very last breath.  Words cannot express our feeling and thoughts.  It was not an option to sleep either, and as a mother, I didn’t leave my son’s side for one minute.

During that period, there were many visits to our GPs, A&E Dundee and Perth.  Our son’s medication, the amount and strength was at the highest that could be given safely.

Our son was taking his preventative inhaler, twice morning and night, multi-dosing every two hours, and now on a course of prednisone (steroids).  Whilst attending a visit to the hospital, were informed that our son, now has a “heart murmur”.  This too came as a shock, this had never been detected by any doctor before.  What next we both thought.

We were extremely desperate, seeking answers, how did this happen?

During this time, we came across an advert in our local paper, “Buteyko Breathing”.   I contacted immediately and was given reassurance of help and support by Una.

We, as a whole family, met with Una, who was very kind, understanding and extremely patient. She taught us how to do the breathing exercises that has helped our son, get his life back in a way we could never have imagined.  He now has skill for life.

Naturally, we kept our GPs informed.

Within a couple of days, we witnessed a massive improvement, the multi-dozing stopped completely, there was now NO need, the gasping had ceased.  Over the next month, we realized the wheezing had stopped, and the coughing substantially reduced too.  I was amazed to find that he didn’t even need to take the ventolin inhaler.  Although, we continued with the preventative inhaler, both in the morning and at night.

We are pleased to say, our son has not used the ventolin inhaler for around one year, and the preventative inhaler has been reduced at the moment to one puff at bedtime.

We always carry the ventolin – just in case.  Obviously, our son is not cured of his Asthma, we constantly, now from a slight distance monitor him.  If there is a change in his voice, breathing, coughing, wheezing or out of breath.  We simply stop what we are doing and sit down quietly for five minutes, and calmly breathe, the way Una taught us.

We cannot thank Una enough for all her help, support and guidance, through Buteyko method of breathing – We now have a very happy, bouncy full of fun, energetic, competitive little boy back again.


Triathlete who nose breathes

Exercise with your mouth closed! I used pauses and Reduced Breathing (RB) to increase my CP at first to get rid of asthma and my susceptibility to bronchitis. I was getting bronchitis/pneumonia 3-4 times per year since about year 2000. Eventually, I quit doing pauses and RB when I felt I had achieved a good level of health. I am a triathlete and push myself with biking and running, but the only difference now is that I keep my mouth closed no matter what. Since I found Buteyko a little over a year and a half ago I have had two very small head colds. In fact the colds I have had were so small, my nose only got a little runny (not stuffy). The colds never went to my chest like they normally would. I never had to be sick in the bed or call in sick to work. I feel that my daily intense exercise with my mouth closed is responsible for maintaining my improved level of health.

Usually, when I enter a race I have a 50% chance of placing top 3 in my age group. It really depends on the field and how competitive the other racers are. Also, I focus more on distance now than before. When I had asthma, I could not go as long. Now I can go and go and go and go as long as I want. When I run I usually go anywhere from 7-10 miles. Tomorrow, I am running the "Surfin' Santa 10 Miler Race". It will be cold... 40s. But with my mouth closed the cold does not bother my lungs any more.

Nicole Cleveland, US

I work in the public school system which is a germ factory. Since September the kids and teachers have all taken their turns with awful stuffy nose colds and awful hacking coughs with rattling mucous sound... NOT ME!  I have avoided this. My breathing remains permanently shallow without having to focus on it. Thank GOD for Buteyko!!!


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